This existing terrace house has been constructed at an interesting time with urban renewal being prevalent in the immediate area and surrounding suburbs. The building is an experiment in how to gain more light into the middle of the building. There has been a commitment to salvaging and reinterpreting the existing materials and using them throughout in unconventional ways. Cross ventilation, solar design and the reuse of sandstone, iron, brick, timber and piping has been seamlessly designed into the fabric of the house.

2019 LUNCHBOX ARCHITECT Online Publication


2018    HABITUS                           Online Publication  


2017    NSW ARCHITECTURE AWARDS         Shortlisted - Residential Architecture, Houses

(Alterations & Additions) Shortlisted - Sustainable Architecture                                           

2017    HOUSES AWARDS                               Shortlisted Alterations & Additions category

2017    ARCHITECTURE AU                              Online Publication  


2016    TIMBER DESIGN AWARDS                   Finalist

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2015    DOMAIN PROPERTY                             Sydney Morning Herald